Garage Door Spring Repair Near Bloomfield, IA That You Can Trust!

Did you know that garage door springs are responsible for holding the entire weight of your garage door? That’s why garage door springs are critical to the operation of your garage door! We offer garage door spring repair near Bloomfield, IA to keep you, your family, and your property safe! Without them, your garage door could not operate properly, leaving you with a stuck garage door. 

Since garage door springs are responsible for the weight and stabilization of your garage door, they are considered one of the most labor-intensive pieces of equipment in your door. Because of this, the springs are more susceptible to wear and tear throughout the years, making them one of the most common repairs needed for garage doors! 

Look no further than Mast Overhead Doors to assist in garage door spring repair near Bloomfield, IA! Our skilled technicians are available to repair or replace any garage door springs that might be worse for wear. By the time we’re done, your garage door will function like new! Schedule an appointment with our team today!

How Garage Door Springs Function

Garage door springs are an essential component to garage door operation, using a counterbalance system to bear the weight of the door and facilitate smooth operations. The springs store energy, or tension, while the garage door is lowered, and slowly release that tension as the door raises to lift properly. 

There are two main types of garage door springs, which includes:

  • Torsion Springs: Springs mounted horizontally above the garage door
  • Extension Springs: Springs positioned along the horizontal garage door tracks on either side of the garage door

Without a functioning garage door spring, the door would be tremendously heavy and would put excessive strain on the garage door opener. This is why it is crucial to not delay in garage door spring repair! The longer you wait, the more costly your repairs might be. 

Are you worried that your garage door springs might need repairing? Don’t fret, Mast Overhead Doors offers garage door spring repair near Bloomfield, IA! Contact us today!

Ten Signs You Need Garage Door Spring Repair Near Bloomfield, IA

  • There are 3 to 4 inch gaps between the coils of your garage door springs. 
  • Your garage door will not open. 
  • Your garage door slams shut while it is attempting to operate.
  • Your garage door springs are stretched. 
  • Your garage door begins to open but stops halfway. 
  • Your garage door is unnaturally heavy when you try to raise it manually. 
  • Your garage door is opening at an angle.
  • Your garage door is operating at a slower pace than normal. 
  • Your garage door springs have accumulated rust or grime. 
  • Your garage door springs are nearing the end of their lifespan, roughly 7 to 12 years. 

Do any of these warning signs sound familiar to you? Let Mast Overhead Doors take care of it! Call us today to discuss garage door spring repair near Bloomfield, IA. 

Stay Safe and Let the Professionals Repair Your Garage Door Springs!

There is a reason that garage door springs have been labeled as the most dangerous part of your garage door. Due to the high levels of tension these springs hold, you are at higher risk of injury should something go wrong during garage door spring repair or replacement. While it might be tempting to take on a DIY spring repair project, our professionals at Mast Overhead Doors strongly suggest that you do not. 

We care about you and your family’s safety, which is exactly why we recommend you contact Mast Overhead Doors for garage door spring repair near Bloomfield, IA! Take a look at our testimonials to see how many others are satisfied with our services! 

Call Us for Garage Door Spring Repair Near Bloomfield, IA!

If you’ve noticed issues with your garage door springs, Mast Overhead Doors can help. Our technicians will evaluate the issues, think of long-lasting solutions, and then repair or replace your garage door spring. 
Why wait until the problems become unmanageable and costly? Contact us for garage door spring repair near Bloomfield, IA!

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    Very organized and professional business. They do great work! I would recommend them to anyone.

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  • Receptionist and repair men were friendly, informative and efficient.

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    Great garage door company, Maggie is great to work with, highly recommend.

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